Vintage Starched Stiff Detachable Collars for your shirt. Many sizes available. Pack of 3 Collars


A vintage starched Stiff Detachable collar x3

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A vintage starched Stiff Detachable collar for your tunic /collarband shirt

Here we try to make it a little easier to start wearing vintage styles and in particular a detachable collar

All these collars are sold as Pre-loved.. Some are new old stock.. but have been stored for years

They do vary in make and exact style

But if you are happy with a vintage collar and the exact style isn’t critical then these are for you

They are all very good and can be worn many times.

IMPORTANT. The images are examples of collars, styles and makes

the collar you will receive may differ slightly from the images..

All 3 collars may not be the same.. its a little bit of a lucky dip

You will receive 3 vintage collars in the same size and in similar styles… ¬†

Pre loved usually/old store stock occasionally

(if you are looking for a particular style/size etc.. then contact us

PLEASE NOTE:¬†This item is “Vintage style” and its exact date of manufacture cannot be determined!!

*Please note any other items of attire and accessories that are displayed in the images are not included in this offer! But certainly can be purchased!!!

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14 1/2", 14", 15 1/2", 15", 16 1/2", 16", 17 1/2", 17", 18 1/2", 18", 19"


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