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Vintage Old store stock Button end Braces/Suspenders. Various Styles and Colours. (RefL1)

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It goes without saying that a Gentleman would not dare leave the house without His trousers correctly supported.. Any why would you

Of course.. we are here to help..

These wonderful  Braces/Suspenders are of various styles and colours, lengths etc.

Some are old store stock, some are pre loved..

See details below..

Please see images for each particular pair

Currently available:

Style: Colour: Length up to: Material: Width/ Runners:/ Adjusters Condition:/Make
1:  Thin Elastic with Braid Ends Black  36″/92cm Elastic 1’/Black Braid ends/Gilt New in packet/Tex
2: Thin Elastic with  leather ends Green/Grey stripe  40″/102cm Elastic 1″/Tan Leather/Silver New in packet/Tex
3: Thin Elastic with  leather ends Burgundy  38″/97cm Elastic 1″/Tan Leather. Gilt New in packet/Tex
4: Thin Elastic with  leather ends Burgundy/Orange/Grey  38″/97cm Elastic 1″/Tan Leather/Silver New in packet/Tex
5: Thin Elastic with  leather ends Red/Grey/Blue 42″/107cm Elastic 1″/Tan Leather/Silver New in packet/Tex
6: Woven Teddy Bear  Navy with White Bears 42″/107cm Woven Barathea 2″/Black/Gilt New in packet/No Label
7: Elastic with leather ends Mustard 42″/107cm Elastic 1″/Fawn Leather/Gilt New in packet
8: Elastic with Braid ends White 44″/112cm Elastic 1″White braid/Gilt Pre loved. Excellent
9:  Woven Barathea Wide Formal White 46″/117cm Barathea  2″/White leather/Gilt Pre Loved. Trafalgar. Excellent
10: Wide Elastic Lowback Blue/red/Navy 42″/107cm  Wide elastic 2’/Brown leather/silver  Pre Loved. Worn but still good



PLEASE NOTE: This item is “Vintage style” and its exact date of manufacture cannot be determined!!

*Please note any other items of attire and accessories that are displayed in the images are not included in this offer! But certainly can be purchased!!!

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