Traditional Burlington KNEE LENGTH Argyle Socks. Golfing, Shooting.The Highest Quality.


Burlington Argyle Socks. KNEE Length

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Burlington socks, renowned for their classic argyle diamond pattern, are quality through and through. Thick and luxurious, and combining high quality socks with both classic and contemporary design, Burlington socks are the perfect accompaniment to a wander through the countryside or a chic stroll in the city.

This Selection

Height: Knee High

Material: Cotton 85%/Polyamide 15%

Sizing: UK 6-11


In 1975 the first Burlington socks were produced with the characteristic diamond pattern. The Burlington argyle check logo along with the famous metal button on each pair of sockssymbolise both quality and luxury. Based in Germany, Burlington socks are now made by Falke to the most stringent quality standards.

Option/Code Colour Base/Argyle Length Size
1:BL3000 Black/Grey/Grey Knee Length 6-11
2:BL3619 Grey/Black/Sky Knee Length 6-11
3:BL5053 Sand/Brown/Grey Knee Length 6-11
4:BL5235 Brown/Camel/Fawn Knee Length 6-11
5:BL6051 Red/Navy/Grey Knee Length 6-11
6:BL6120 Navy/Black/Sky Knee Length 6-11
7:BL6220 Blue/Grey/Sky Knee Length 6-11
8:BL6375 Black/Grey/Navy Knee Length 6-11
9:BL6376 Black/Green/Red Knee Length 6-11
10:BL8003 Red/Grey/Navy Knee Length 6-11
11:BLONGC5235 Brown/Biscuit/Camel Knee Length 6-11
12:BLONGC6120 Navy/Black/Sky Knee Length 6-11
13:BLONGC6220 Blue/Grey/Sky Knee Length 6-11
14: Knee Length 6-11


Please Note: This may be a Vintage item and its age cannot be guaranteed

Please Note: Other items and accessories not included in this sale.. for display purposes!

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BL3000, BL3619, BL5053, BL5235, BL6051, BL6120, BL6144, BL6220, BL6375, BL6376, BL8003, BLONGC5235, BLONGC6120, BLONGC6220


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