Vintage Rare Wool Button Front Yoke Front Trunks Drawers Underwear with brace tapes


WOOL Button Front Yoke Front trunks Underwear with brace tapes

A choice of various style and makes

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Thank you for looking at a superb pair of VINTAGE Gentleman’s Summer Length Underpants.

These thigh length “short johns” feature button front closure and BRACE TAPES to keep your underpants firmly supported by your braces

These are the very old traditional style and now difficult to find. production has long since ceased and we have a very small amount of stock found in a closed Gentlemans Outfitters…

So, when they are gone. that really is it Gentlemen An essential item of clothing for the Fogey Gentleman To complete ones traditional attire the correct trad. underwear is essential.

These Vintage underpants feature a yoke front panel and Brace tapes and go splendidly with a long sleeve vest, so that if you ever get caught without your trousers you will at least have the authentic underwear!!!

Make: – Different makers depending on Size


Material: Heavyweight Wool.. Some sizes are Cotton

Colour: UNBLEACHED/ Natural/ some pairs are grey Marl colour..

Condition: Old store/estate stock

Length: waist to cuff 20-24″ depending on make and size

PLEASE NOTE: This item is “Vintage style” and its exact date of manufacture cannot be guaranteed!!

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Waist 30-32", Waist 34-36", Waist 36-38", Waist 38-40", Waist 40-42", Waist 44-46"


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