Unique and Rare Albert Thurston Braces (Suspenders) Not standard production items (ATBRQ3)


Albert Thurston Braces


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Here we have some Braces/Suspenders from Albert Thurston

These are one-offs unique and bespoke/ prototypes.

These are not a standard production items and the stock we have is possibly the only pair(s) in existence.. yes, really

Make: Albert Thurston

Origin: England

Style: Braces

Material: Woven Cotton /Elastic/Barathea with Leather runners/attachments  and polished silver adjusters.

This Pair:

Woven Cotton with Blue Pattern Claret with Grey elastic back section.

Grey Leather Runners

Width: 1.5 inches

Maximum length: up to 48 inches

Condition: Brand new

PLEASE NOTE: This item is “Vintage style” and its exact date of manufacture cannot be determined!!

*Please note any other items of attire and accessories that are displayed in the images are not included in this offer! But certainly can be purchased!!!

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