Vintage Detachable Shirt Cuffs Starched Stiff and ready for your shirt.


Vintage starched Stiff Detachable cuffs

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A pair of vintage starched Stiff Detachable cuffs to attach to your shirt

Vintage Pre loved but clean and starched, polished and crisp

These Cuffs

Victoria Four Fold Cotton starched to within an inch of its life

Size: 8

(not that we know what that refers to)

Length end to end across: 8″ at shirt/10″ at wrist

Depth: 3 1/2″

2 holes for cuff links/studs

Can be laundered and re-starched

This for ONE PAIR of Cuffs


PLEASE NOTE:┬áThis Item Is “Vintage Style” And Its Exact Date Of Manufacture Cannot Be Determined!!

*Please Note Any Other Items Of Attire And Accessories That Are Displayed In The Images Are Not Included In This Offer! But Certainly Can Be Purchased!!!

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