Vintage Dove Grey Kid Leather Formal Gloves from Dents London Size 8


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As the name suggests, day gloves (sometimes referred to as ‘street gloves’) were worn as gentlemen sauntered about their daily lives, whether visiting their club, meeting their tailor, or conducting important business affairs. Not only did gloves keep their hands warm, but they were also worn for health and cleanliness reasons, too.

You see, Edwardian men were worried about picking up germs, so by covering their hands in a protective layer, they felt more likely to stay in good health.

This Pair:

Dove Grey Kid Leather Gloves

Single button closure

Make: Dents, London

Size: 8 (Medium approx.)

Other details: on inside  “5236”

Date: not stated but possibly 1920’s-1940’s

Condition: Immaculate.. Immaculate


PLEASE NOTE: This Item Is “Vintage Style” And Its Exact Date Of Manufacture Cannot Be Determined!!


*Please Note Any Other Items Of Attire And Accessories That Are Displayed In The Images Are Not Included In This Offer! But Certainly Can Be Purchased!!!




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