Vintage Gentlemans Socks German Lasherhose. Size 11


Vintage Gentlemans socks

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It goes without saying that a Gentleman would not dare leave the house without the appropriate socks covering his ankles

These wonderful socks are old store stock .

See details below..

Make: Lasherhose

Origin: Germany

Material: Cotton/Wool/Nylon

Colour: Dark Grey

Size: Up to 11

Condition. New with tags

These socks can, and should  be worn with Sock suspenders (Garters)

This essential item is the cornerstone of a correctly attired Gentleman.

Never be caught exposing a hairy calf on the omnibus or electric tram again.

PLEASE NOTE:┬áThis item is “Vintage style” and its exact date of manufacture cannot be determined!!

*Please note any other items of attire and accessories that are displayed in the images are not included in this offer! But certainly can be purchased!!!


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