Traditional Metallic Armbands/Sleeve Garters for your shirt sleeves Round style


Traditional Metal Armbands/Sleeve Garters

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These rarely seen items are an absolute must to hold ones shirtsleeves in the exact position required to reveal just the right amount of shirt cuff and yet keeping your shirtsleeves in exactly the right place.

As you will be aware a Gentleman doesn’t wear ostentatious jewellery or flamboyant items of attire, however certain accessories have always been essential to maintain the perfect image.

Armbands compliment your shirt, and of course keep your sleeves in that all too important position.

Positioned correctly at the elbow it is easy to adjust the sleeve length when dressing and to not have to worry again all day…

PLEASE NOTE: This item is “Vintage style” and its exact date of manufacture cannot be determined!!

Make: N/A

Origin: Unknown


Material: Metal

Condition: Brand new in packet

Size: One size fits all

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Black, Dark Grey, Gilt (Gold coloured), Silver coloured


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