Sharp & Dapper Shirt Stays. Keep your shirt tucked in all day


Shirt stays.. keep your shirt tucked in ALL DAY

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A set of traditional shirt stays.

Not often found and seldom discussed (apart from here at Fogey Unlimited)

These shirt stays work in two clever ways They not only keep your shirt tails tucked in, but also keep your socks up

As favoured by the Military for that very crisp neat appearance

Attach the clips to your shirt tails (either at the back or sides and then simply attach the garter/suspender end to your sock and there you have it…

Needless to say we are “very supportive” of the idea!!

Origin: Made in England

Style: Shirt stays

4 strap style..

Y style (3 shirt clips 1 sock slip)

No sock style

Material: Elastic with a clip at each end. Adjustable


Size: One size fits all


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