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CHAP 109 Autumn  2021

Sparks Brothers

The Sparks Brothers: Ron and Russell Mael discuss making films, not making films, good style, bad fashion and how to choose the right tie
Charlie Watts: A tribute to Savile Row devotion of the late Rolling Stone
Get The Look: How to achieve the Sparks Style
Driven Mad by The Sea Serpents: How George Drevar’s obsession with sea monsters landed him at the Old Bailey
David Devant & His Spirit Wife: The band who were inspired by a 19th century magician
Fox Brothers & Co: An encounter with the man who revived the brand that invented flannel
Cycling Gear: An ode to tweed instead of Lycra
A Chap in Quarantine: One man’s struggle to survive incarceration with the help of his grocer and wine merchant
The Stanley Biggs Adventure: Rugged outerwear for wimpy men
Author Interview: Craig Taylor, psychogeographer
Loungewear: Chris Sullivan advocates lounging about in pyjamas and dressing gown all day
Prohibition: The full story of the Volstead Act of 1922 and its long-term repercussions, some of them rather good
Antiques: Collecting bottles that can be enjoyed with an antique Stilton
Gregory Farmer: Liam Jefferies meets a man obsessed with button-down shirts
The Schneider Trophy: The waterborne aircraft race won in perpetuity by Britain
Cooking For Chaps: Nicole Drysdale prepares for winter with some heartwarming stews
How To Disappear: Torquil Arbuthnot provides advice for the chap who wishes to dissolve off the face of the earth
Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe: The French musical impresario who introduced ye-ye music to Quentin Tarantino
Francis Buckland: The 19th century naturalist who turned all his discoveries into dinner
Grey Fox Column: David Evans throws a touch of louche into black tie
The Camden Watch Co: Collaborators on the new Chap Wristwatch
Plus: Ask The Chap, Book Reviews, Crossword

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