The Chap Magazine Issue No 85


The Chap Magazine Issue 85

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  • The Chap February EditionPublished on February 15th, 2016 

    The Chap’s latest fop-packed issue has hit the nation’s magazine shelves, powered entirely by good old-fashioned steam.

    We meet Mycroft Milverton, who has converted real briar pipes into electronic vapour-fired devices for smoking pleasure; we hear about technical innovations that allow gentlemen to wear proper shoes with added modern benefits; we meet several makers of military style watches with contemporary mechanisms hidden behind their perfect dials; David Bowie’s sartorial splendour in Berlin in the 1970s is pictographically recalled; the first lady in our Centrefold is crowned Queen of Chapettes; Patricia Hammond recalls three 1930s tenors who were virtually pop stars; Tom Cutler advises on the etiquette of internet dating; Vic Darkwood provides essential information on all the colours that make up the Chromatic Lexicon of Louche; and Gustav Temple advises on the most suitable unguents for chaps to douse themselves with.

    All this plus regular features from the Butler, Steve Pittard, Film reviews, Am I Chap? and the Lip Weasel.


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