Traditional Albert Thurston Boxcloth Braces (Suspenders) with Handsewn Goatskin Runners


Fogey Unlimited is proud to supply Albert Thurston Traditional Boxcloth Braces


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Fogey Unlimited is proud to supply Albert Thurston Traditional Boxcloth Braces

Boxcloth, sometimes called ‘buckskin’, was the ultimate fabric for keeping out the cold in the 19th century. Since then it has continued to be woven in Yorkshire, then finished by being shrunk to half it’s original width, which tightens up the cloth allowing it also to be used for making the ultimate classic brace, and these are they.

We are lead to believe by Thurston that there will not be any new Goatskin stock made in the future.. so this is you last chance..

These are the “Rolls Royce” of braces and are manufactured by the oldest brace manufacturer in the world, Albert Thurston


Albert Thurston braces are the world’s most exclusive and comfortable braces. Worn by:- Kings, Presidents, Princes, Prime Ministers, Business Stars, Film Stars; Michael Douglas in ‘Wall St’ Steve Martin in ‘Leap of Faith’ and many more…

A pair of trousers just simply should not be worn if not supported by ones braces. These will look spiffing with your formal suit and splendid with a pair of flannels and blazer…

Make: Albert Thurston for Fogey Unlimited

Origin: England

Style: Braces

Material: Boxcloth, Goatskin “runners” and polished brass or silver adjusters.

Pack includes 6 buttons

Colour: Various available with White Goatskin Runners and elastic back piece

Width: 1.5 inches

Condition: Brand new in Box, Immaculate

Size: X-LARGE. Up to 48 inches

This size fits everybody  and can be adjusted. Please see the information below.

(we offer XL as a size as Gentleman have the option to let the loose ends be tucked into their waistband, or let them hang free of course they can be trimmed to length)

PLEASE NOTE: This item is “Vintage style” and its exact date of manufacture cannot be determined!!

*Please note any other items of attire and accessories that are displayed in the images are not included in this offer! But certainly can be purchased!!!

Our full range of Braces/Suspenders in stock

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Black, Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Grey, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Saxe Blue, Yellow