Vintage Sprung Link Traditional Armbands/Sleeve Garters. Metal. 3 Colours available


Vintage link  style armbands

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These rarely seen items are an absolute must to hold ones shirtsleeves in the exact position required to reveal just the right amount of shirt cuff and yet keeping your shirtsleeves in exactly the right place.

As you will be aware a Gentleman doesn’t wear ostentatious jewellery or flamboyant items of attire, however certain accessories have always been essential to maintain the perfect image. Armbands compliment your shirt, and of course keep your sleeves in that all too important position.

Positioned correctly at the elbow it is easy to adjust the sleeve length when dressing and to not have to worry again all day…

Some details from the web:

Circa: 1930’s

Beautiful Silver or yellow gold plated metal

Differences between brands

Lambourne & Elita brands which have two springs per link

The Regnum brand just have the one.

Made popular in recent years by the television series Peaky Blinders

Such a stylish yet practical accessory for keeping your cuffs at just the right length.

Item – Pair of Vintage Lambournes of Birmingham Chromium Plated Sophos Piccadilly Expanding Armlets in their original box, Dated 1937.

Construction –  Chromium Plated

Country of Origin – England

Other Interesting Points – The Piccadilly Expanding Armbands were described at the time as being an expanding armband of the superior twin spring type. They are extremely high quality and beautifully tooled and have a certain quality to their finish which makes them stand out in a crowd.Origin: England


Link style

Maker: Various. Lambournes/Regent/Piccadilly/Elita

long since ceased manufacture

Condition: As a vintage item and quite delicate.. These are all Excellent.. Some of the tiny springs may be missing or broken.. But the armbands are still perfectly useable

The Colours, GOLD, COPPER and SILVER.. the stock is vintage and sometimes the exact colour will vary due to ageing, tarnishing etc.. so although close.. please be aware of this fluctuation

Please Note: This may be a Vintage item and its age cannot be guaranteed

Please Note: Other items and accessories not included in this sale.. for display purposes!

Please note..most pairs do NOT have the original packaging/box with them..

IMAGES are stock images to give you an idea of the item.

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Bronze coloured, Gilt (Gold coloured), Silver coloured