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CHAP 111 Spring 2022

Anna Friel: Meet the star of Pushing Daisies, The Look of Love and Marcella
La Bowtique: A photographic encounter with bespoke bow tie makers on Savile Row
Katie Thomas: The founder of vintage lingerie brand What Katie Did
Valerie Leon: An interview with the star of 1960s and 70s cult films and TV series
Pratt & Prasad: Off-Savile Row bespoke tailors construct a suit for the editor
Motoring: Maria Teresa de Filippis, the first lady of Formula 1
Henry Morton Stanley: What did Stanley do in Africa after presuming to find Dr. Livingstone?
A Peculiar Paris Apartment: The mysterious tale of a belle epoque time capsule discovered in 2010
Absinthe Cocktails: How to press into service that dusty old bottle of absinthe in the cupboard
Author Interview: Dominic Janes, author of British Dandies
The Romantic Lepidopterist: Margaret Fountaine’s cealess quest to find butterflies and break male hearts
Ford Mustang: How America’s first muscle car became an international icon
Antiques: The joys of collecting vintage vinyl
Wilde Wit: The results of a competition to match the great raconteur’s witty apercus
Am I an Album Cover?: Readers create homages to classic album covers
Cooking For Chaps: Nicole Drysdale advocates a livening Spring menu
Splendid Isolation Diary: Torquil Arbuthnot takes to the chaise longue
Am I Chap?: Readers submit their photographs for the ultimate sartorial assessment
Grey Fox Column: David Evans considers the future of Savile Row
Plus: Ask The Chap, Book Reviews, Crossword

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