The Chap Magazine. No 98 Winter 2018 John Malkovich


The Chap Magazine Issue 98

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 John Malkovich, interviewed by Gustav Temple
Stilyagi: Russian street style in the 1940s
The King’s Wardrobe: A close encounter with the Duke of Windsor’s clothes
The Gentleman Adventurer: Steve Payne, the man who crossed the Alps on a Space Hopper
The Blue Train: A recreation of a 1930s wager to race a train across France
Amide Hadelin: Dutch menswear for gentlemen
Whistler’s Fireworks: The painting that nearly broke Whistler’s career
Chris Sullivan On Sartorial Disposophobia
Harry Sturges Crosby The eccentric American dandy in 1930s Paris
Cordings of Piccadilly: Fashion photo shoot and profile
Craig Brown: Alexander Larman meets the great satirist
Peacocks & Magpies: Antiques by Peter Gosbee and John Minns
Mr B’s Chap Hop Diary: The Gentleman Rhymer on tour with Sparks
Mahoney Watches: Affordable heirloom timepieces
Grey Fox Column: David Evans on style for the mature chap
The Chap Dines: We pay a visit to Boisdale of Belgravia
Aretha Franklin: Sunday Swift on the Warrior Dandizette
M R James: The birth of the author’s most chilling tale
Winter Tipples: Olly Smith on a drinks cabinet to get you through winter
Rogue Male: A sartorial review of the 1976 film with Peter O’Toole
Travel: Hunter S Thompson meets Clark Griswold in Miami
Plus: Am I Chap?, Crossword, Chap news and competitions


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