The Chap Magazine Issue No 83


The Chap Magazine Issue 83

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  • Issue #83The 83rd edition of The Chap whispers from behind a mask. Contents include
    • Vic Darkwood: The Chap’s co-founder on the Semiotics of Falling Over
    • Hats: what cloth to park on one’s bonce
    • Waxing Lyrical: the history and practical usage of the waxed jacket
    • Tom Cutler on Procrastination
    • Steve Pittard on the Hollywood Cricket Club
    • The Tomb of a Dandy: Gustav Temple uncovers Beau Brummell’s grave
    • Interview: Michael “Atters” Attree meets wrestler, healer and mystic Kendo Nagasaki
    • Shoes for anarcho-dandyists: The new Chap Brogue
    • Music: Patricia Hammond on Music Hall Swells
    • Mitteleuropa Korespondent: Lazlo Krass reports from the Orient Express
    • Film: we meet the director of a new biopic of Leslie Howard
    • The Lip Weasel: Michael “Atters” Attree rounds up hirsute beauties and beasts
    • Bell the Butler advises on handling umbrellas, dealing with builders and corduroys

    Plus: My New Chap, hat competition and Viv the Spiv’s joke corner


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