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The Chap Magazine Issue No 94 Winter 2017 Peaky Blinders

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Winter Edition of The Chap

Published NOV , 2017

The 94th edition of The Chap is published by order of the Peaky Blinders

  • Interview: Paul Anderson, the actor who plays Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders
  • The Real Peaky Blinders: Jock Rawlings on the Birmingham street gangs that inspired the series
  • Steven Knight: we meet the man behind Peaky Blinders and find out how he got the idea
  • Earl of Bedlam: fashion photo shoot with this eccentric Lambeth bespoke tailor
  • Youth Tribes: Olivia Bullock on Japanese biker gangs Kaminari Zoku
  • Cricket: Steve Pittard on the magnificent career of Henry Blofeld
  • Ask Blowers: the man himself gives seasonal sartorial tips
  • Film: Murder on the Orient Express: we assess the new production by meeting the costume stylist on the movie
  • Get the Look: The Peaky Blinder
  • Gangster Chic: our American correspondent on the suits of Cagney and Robinson
  • Interview: Loz Schiavo, hair stylist on Peaky Blinders, reveals the secret of the Peaky cut
  • Goldy Loxx: our vintage style icon photographed in Tiki splendour
  • Grey Fox Column: David Evans on style for the mature chap
  • Champagne: Olly Smith on this mind-blowing liquid substance
  • Sunset Boulevard: the history and fate of the house used in the movie
  • Tom Hardy’s tattoos: How they were dealt with by the Peaky Blinders’ make-up artist
  • John Ruskin and Tory Anarchism: the politics of road construction in a frock coat
  • Photo Shoot: we recreate the Peaky Blinders look using clothing supplied to the series
  • Hirsute interview: Darcy Sullivan meets Kenneth Branagh’s Orient Express moustache
  • Vintage Events Guide: an entire winter of vintage events around the world
  • Tom Cutler on ice skating backwards

Plus: the Butler, Am I Chap?, the Lip Weasel, Crossword, Chap news and competitions


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