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Issue #103

Interview: Alec Baldwin, interviewed by Gustav Temple
Ava Gardner: The life and career of the Hollywood legend
Robert Mitchum: Chris Sullivan on the bad boy of Hollywood
Travel: The Hollywood establishments that recall the Golden Age
Sartorial London: Russell Nash takes us on a tour from Mayfair to Soho
Spearpoint Collars: Matt Deckard advocates the best collar shape of all
Grey Fox Column: David Evans rides a gravel bike in Dashing Tweeds
Whisky Galore!: Olly Smith on the granddaddy of all drinks
Cuban Cigars: Sophia Coningsby smokes her way through Havana
Fashion Photo Shoot: Lovely ladies evoke Hollywood Glamour
Extreme Butling: Mr. Gimpley-Spankworth advises on sartorial and etiquette matters
Peacocks & Magpies: Peter Gosbee and John Minns on the history of the signet ring
Author Interview: Alexander Larman meets witty vicar Fergus Butler-Gallie
Rita Tushingham: We meet the 60s icon and star of A Taste of Honey
The Pale Horse: Costume designer Charlotte Mitchell on recreating the sixties
Albert Slippers: Why every gentleman should own at least one pair
Nina Antonia: The author who has chronicled Glam Rockers to Decadent Poets
The Chap Dines: The art deco splendour of the Midland Hotel, Morecambe
Butterflies: Nick Ostler turns his binoculars to Lepidoptera species
Debonair in King’s Lynn: The creation of The Chap’s new moustache wax with Captain Fawcett
The Teba Jacket: A Spanish take on the Hacking Jacket
Barbadillo: A visit to the sherry bodegas of Sanlucar de Barrameda
Plus: Am I Chap?, Book Reviews, Crossword

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