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CHAP Autumn 22

The Chap’s Autumn edition meets Troy Hawke, the man who has picked up the baton of anarcho-dandyism by non-consensually greeting shoppers outside British chain stores, dressed in smoking jacket, cravat and co-respondent shoes.

Other cravats encountered are those worn in huge quantities by Prince Hermann von Puckler-Muskau, a Prussian eccentric, traveller and landscape gardener whose schloss still commands visitors today. Style features include Les Apaches de Paris, a notoriously well-dressed street gang that makes Peaky Blinders look like the cast of Brideshead Revisited.

We report from the 56th Montreux Jazz Festival, where our roving photographer encountered Johnny Depp, Nick Cave, Bjork and new kids on the block Maneskin.

The head honcho of the Gentlemen Baristas shares his vision for reviving the coffee houses of Samuel Johnson’s day, while our drinks section offers something a little stronger than coffee as post-prandial delights.

Travel features leap from revelry in Lisbon to the drinking dens of Belfast, while in Motoring we watch the centenary of Malcom Campbell’s Bluebird breaking the land-speed record at Brooklands, and cruise around Yorkshire comparing an E-Type Jaguar to a 1967 Ford Mustang.

We review lost Michael Caine/Mike Hodges classic Pulp (1972) ahead of our interview with Sir Michael himself in the next edition, and meet the author of a book about London’s gentlemen’s clubs, while Cricket looks at the gradual evolution of whites on the cricket pitch since the early days of John Wisden’s era.

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